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WELCOME to Guitar Gallery, were we have 25 years experience in the guitar world.Guitar Gallery is owned and operated by: Vic Da Pra, the author of tthree vintage guitar books: Burst Believers, The Gibson 'Burst: 1958-1960, Sunburst Alley , and Tim Matyas, the full service repair man.

Vic Dapra's Books

Burst Believers

The slang term burst has been used to describe a specific Gibson Les Paul manufactured from 1958 to 1960. The impact of this guitar has and continues to shake the music world. From dozens of guitar idols who played it and those fortunate enough to have owned one or more the Gibson Les Paul Sunburst possesses a mystique and magic not found in any other electric guitar....

Burst Believers

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Brian Ray

Brian Ray and his Vic DaPra Caramel Fade. It is at 2:25 at the link below. From the time he was a teenager, Brian Ray has played with some of the biggest legends in the history of pop music. After an early stint with “Monster Mash” star Bobby “Boris” Pickett, he became the musical director for Etta James. He later toured and recorded with such artists as Peter Frampton, Rita Coolidge and Nicolette Larson, and even wrote a hit song for Smokey Robinson. In 2002, Ray joined Paul McCartney’s band just in time for Macca’s Super Bowl XXXIX performance. For nearly a decade now, Ray has shared the stage with the former Beatle, lending his formidable guitar, bass and singing skills to one of the most talented bands on Earth.